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Hillcrest Elementary Out of School Care

And Ready Set Grow Preschool

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Hillcrest Elementary Out of School Care (HEOSC) offers Before and After School Care for children enrolled at Hillcrest Elementary School. We are located within the school and we have access to many of the school facilities including the gymnasium, playground and a fabulous forested area.

Our program focuses on creating a safe, fun and friendly environment for all the children. We encourage the children to make friends and try new things.

A variety of activities are offered each day, including:

  • A dramatic or creative play activity (dollhouse, cars, play kitchen, camping set, pet shop)
  • A construction activity (lego, blocks, building straws, trio)
  • A craft or hands on activity (play dough, painting, arts & crafts of all kinds)
  • A physical activity (gym games, sports, free play outside)
  • Board games and books

In addition to our usual daily activities, once a week we offer "Clubs". Clubs are not age-segregated. Instead the children choose their club based on their interests. Each month a new set of three clubs are offered, and the day on which clubs takes place rotates monthly. Previous popular clubs include Science Club, Art Club, Baking Club and Basketball Club. 

We also provide a healthy snack every day, which always includes 2 food groups and follows the Canadian Food Guide for serving sizes.

2019/20 Hillcrest Elementary Hours 

Hillcrest Elementary School Hours will be 8:35am-2:40pm.

Before School will open at 7:15am and run until the school bell. Before School can be found in room #15 inside Hillcrest. Parents/guardians are welcome to drop their children off anytime within our hours of operation. Kindergarten children will be walked to their class each day at the school bell.

After School Care will open at the school bell and run until 5:30pm. Parents/guardians are welcome to pick up anytime within our hours of operation. Please come to room #15 each day to sign out your children. Kindergarten children will be picked up from their class each day after school finishes. 

BC Affordable Child Care Benefit

We would also like to inform all HEOSC families know that our society has opted into the Child Care Fee Reduction Initiative. Please take a look at the link on our Forms tab for further information. The Ministry of Children and Family Development would like care providers to pass along the following message to families in our community. “Making child care more affordable is important for families and is important for the economy. In striving to do this, we cannot ignore the critical role that child care providers play in offering quality programs and services. It is this recognition that is challenging government to go further, recognizing that affordable, accessible child care is dependant on strong capital and operational support for providers, as well as attracting and retaining talent in the section.” 

News and Upcoming Events

Ready Set Grow Preschool

HEOSC also offers a licensed preschool program called Ready Set Grow Preschool. Please click on the link above for further information.

Registration- Ready Set Grow Preschool 2021/22

Registration for the 2021/22 opened to the general community on Monday, February 8th. Registration forms and Hours and Fees are available on the Forms page. Please email for further information. 

Email Brendon Zsidi, Program Manager, at [email protected] if you would like more information. Feel free to call too, 1-250-472-1530.

Part-time Out of School Care:

We offer part-time After School Care. Either two days/week or three days/week. Part time care is available under certain circumstances. If the After School Care program is not full come September then HEOSC will accept part time registration. If another family requests full time care then the part time family will be given the opportunity to take a full time spot or give up their spot. The Board of Directors will review this on a case by case basis. Please speak to the manager for more information.

Pro-D Camp

We run a full day 7:15am-5:30pm pro-d camp on all Hillcrest pro-d days. Camps are only open to families who already have a child enrolled in Out of School Care. Please visit our Services page for further details.